Friday, 14 February 2014

A New Discovery | Hand Creams

Hollister's Solana Beach hand and body cream | £12 (I purchased this on sale for £2.99)

Body Shop's Hemp hand protector | £5 (I purchased this for free with a voucher)

It is really disappointing when you may buy a high end product, for it to then not to deliver the 'high-end quality' you expected. But on the other hand, very pleasing when you get the quality you want in a product you wouldn't expect.

This week’s post I will share with you two moisturisers which I use on my hands - one is a hand and body cream, the other a 'hand protector'. These two products I use together and I've really been enjoying them.

If you've ever bought a product from Hollister's body care range, you'll know their pricing can be high. Well... Compared to a high-end price it's probably cheap. However, I'm not so sure what category you would put a brand like Hollister in, as it's a clothing shop. Anyway (let's get to the point), I wasn't really expecting much - in terms of scent I already knew there was no problem in that region. Hollister's scents are just divine. So when I bought the hand and body cream I knew that aspect wouldn't let me down. But the main reason I actually bought this product was because it was on sale, like I say, I wasn't expecting much. Therefore for £12 I wouldn't have bothered. But seeing a 75% discount I couldn't really go wrong!

The one element of moisturisers and creams for the skin that I always consider, is how fast they are absorbed into the skin. The feeling of sticky, greasy hands that just won't go away can be very irritating when completing day to day tasks. So when I realised the Hollister hand and body cream was fast absorbing I was immediately impressed. As well as this, I realised after only 2 or 3 uses my hands were unbelievably soft. For me, dry hands are something I experience all year round and finding a good hand cream is great. When I realised how well Hollister's hand (and body) cream performs I couldn't stop using it.

The main area on my hands that will become dry easily are my knuckles. The only downside to using this hand cream was it didn't completely solve this problem. So I knew I maybe have needed a stronger hand cream for this particular area - this is where the body shop hand protector comes in. Quite a while ago I came across a voucher on an app, which allowed me to receive some free body shop hand cream. When choosing the scent/intensity of the hand cream, I went for the hemp hand protector for 'very dry skin'. The scent wasn't something I particularly liked, but the fact it was for 'very dry skin' made that element less important for me. This hand cream has a very thick consistency, which takes a while to absorb into the skin - the complete opposite to Hollister's hand cream. 

However, over time I realised these two products work well together. I had found that the Hollister hand cream was great for all over the hands, so I could then use body shops hand protector directly on some dry flaky patches (my knuckles mostly). Even though the body shop hand protector takes a while to absorb, using it only on specific small areas, this doesn't matter so much - but I definitely couldn't use this all over the hands, also due to its thick consistency.

Next time I will try not to assume, as certain products may perform better/worse than you think. Therefore I've mainly focused this post on the Hollister hand cream, as I really didn't expect the result that this product gave. But as well, adding an additional few paragraphs about the body shop hand protector, because this helped recover the dry patches that Hollister hand cream couldn't do alone.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post - I wouldn't call it a review as such but just a discovery I would like to share. So I definitely recommend you give Hollister's body care a go, I also own their body lotion which I love too! Have a lovely week (if you’re at school, have a lovely half term too). Be prepared for a 'birthday post' mid-week, as today is my 15th Birthday! 

Have you tried any of Hollister's body care? 

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