Sunday, 7 September 2014

Car Boot Sale Haul #2

As mentioned in my previous post, once I get back into 'car-booting' I really do get drawn in. The
main perk of car boot sales for me are how cheap they are, I believe that's one of the main excuses I have for buying so much every time I go. However I have been trying to only purchase items that will be put to good use e.g. storage, but obviously along the way I can't help but notice a few good bargains here and there! 

For the first time me and Kathryn actually decided to visit a different car boot, still local, but maybe had a few different sales going on. Sadly I didn't prefer the layout as much and we couldn't seem to find 'the one' (what we call a good find when at car boots). But as you can see, I did seem to find a few good bargains - as well as a really good hot chocolate! 

 NYX glitter creme palette | £1
Rimmel eyeshadow quad | 50p
The Body Shop bronzer in 01 Golden Bronze | £1

Vase | £1
Fake flowers | £1/50p per stem (...and yes I bought more flowers)

Cutex hand & nail cream | 50p (I'm not sure it gives you '50% stronger nails', but I mainly picked this up because it was pocket size and easy to slide into my handbag!)

A pretty little trinket to put my hair clips in... | £1

I did manage to also pick up a circular wicker basket (featured in the first post), which I've used to store a few shower/bath products. That was also only 50p! But until next time... because I know there will be one, as I went to another car boot again today. Have an amazing week and enjoy the last few moments of sunshine, because before long we'll be well into Autumn and then it will be Christmas (yes, I'm already thinking about the festive season). I also can't wait to sport some autumnal outfits, so keep an eye out for some fashion posts soon hopefully...

What do you like about Autumn? 

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Car Boot Sales Are Back

When last years car boot season came to an end I was longing for next summer to begin. However saying that, I've only just in the past few weeks started going to them again. I'm not sure why I didn't jump to the chance of attending one again, I may be due to the fact my most local one sadly wasn't open throughout the whole of July! But having finally found a date when I'm free to go, I actually managed to potter around and unintentionally find some great bargains. Though you do have to work up some good haggling skills to get the best deal, it's hard to get the hang of it again having not been to a car boot in over a year. 

So I thought, considering I didn't actually have a blog this time last year, it would be a perfect idea to share with you some car boot purchases! 

Barry M Gelly Nail polish | 75p

 Estee Lauder creme lipstick in Crystal Coral | £2 
A lovely finish, more on the orange side for a coral, but still wearable and perfect for everyday. I assume it's limited edition

Small makeup mirror | £1

Mac Zoom Black mascara | 75p 
Sadly when I opened this at home it was dried up, however it can contribute to a new lipstick as this is one 
of the products that mac allows their customers to use on their 'back to mac' deal.

Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in 06 egerie | £3.50 

And no... this isn't real sadly, the packaging looks very realistic but once I opened it I knew straight away. It smells fairly odd, and the finish of it doesn't look the best. But at least I didn't waste £6, as that was the price the lady originally wanted it for!

The flowers featured in this post are actually another one of my purchases, I hope you thought they were real because they're not! They were only 50p per stem, a few larger were £1, but altogether it only came to around £4 for the whole bunch. 

I hope you found this post interesting, as much as I find reading posts concerning car boot sales. I'd also like to apologise for lack of content on my blog, a whole summer without blogging... I know that's pretty bad. I did have time. But I chose not to as I believe a break from even hobbies once in a while is never a bad thing, I also didn't want my blog to become chore which I must complete/post for the sake of it. But I managed to find my way to an alternative car boot sale today, as my usual one wasn't running, therefore another haul is most definitely on its way... Have a lovely week back at school! I know school isn't 'lovely', but after a long break, I find myself remembering the perks school includes.

Have you discovered any good buys this summer?

Sunday, 15 June 2014

An Update & Something I've Been Enjoying...

It's been over a month, and almost 2 weeks after my final (but only 2nd) exam. Devoting my time to blogging has decreased a lot recently, I no longer find myself participating in blogger chats or drafting posts. But summer is almost around the corner, and writing this now actually makes me realise how much I've missed blogging over the past month. There are so many things to talk about, so many things I want to share. However I sometimes question whether I have enough commitment for future blogging. I won't stop blogging any time soon, I know that for sure. But I do wonder why I find it hard to keep up with something I enjoy... Do you ever feel that way? Anyway, I'm not going to blame this on exams, because this years are done (except for some mocks). But instead be truly and say it how it is; I just haven't felt the need to blog, or want to. But that doesn't mean I won't in the future.

Besides my irregular intervals of content appearing on my blog, I wanted to come back with a positive post. A review on a skincare product that has become a part of my skin care routine daily, well, I say routine... I just seem to be using this and that's all. That may sound bad, but I think it shows my love for it.

Having never tried a micellar cleansing water, I was eager to... Especially where there are brilliant drugstore alternatives. The Garnier micellar cleansing water stands at only £5, and I got this on a deal for only £3.50! It really had become my daily routine, just this. Occasionally I will use a scrub/exfoliating face wash, when I feel my skin needs it. However once I used this, the convenience of it made me lazy and I've stopped using my other forms of skin care. Which I don't think is bad, because using so many chemicals on my skin slightly scares me (probably physiological... Even though I wear makeup every day). I am very impressed with this product, Garnier never seem to let me down with skincare. And the fact it takes off my makeup so quickly, leaving my face refreshed and clean, just encourages me to use it all the time an take advantage of how convenient and easy it is. The price really is worth what your purchasing, as you get 400ml of product (which claims to give 200 uses). Therefore, from a budgeting point of view, you can't really go wrong.  

So yes, I really did feel the need to talk about this product. As the amount I've been at using it really reflects my love for it, and I believe it will be a staple in my skincare routine for a while - which is strange for me, because I'm always changing the products I use to cleanse my face. Also, in the future I may be taking about some more skincare products I'm putting to the test; I'm trying to break this habit of just relaying on this one skincare product! 

I hope you found this post interesting, or it gave you a bit more information concerning this product.

Please tell me down below any skin care products you have been enjoying, or whether you've tried a micellar water before... I would love to know your thoughts! 

Monday, 5 May 2014

Seaside Photography and a casual outfit

I'm back, and back with something different to what I usually post. Most of the time I write about beauty, but only occasionally will include a lifestyle or fashion posts - so here is an fashion/lifestyle post! (Which I hope to be doing more of, especially the fashion side).

First of all I would like to apologise for the lack of content recently on my blog, exams and school never fail to get in the way. But I won't purely blame it on school, as I have felt uninspired and demotivated to produce anything 'blog wise'. But with that to a side, I really want to share with you a day when I went to the seaside in Easter. Therefore I decided to also show you what I wore (nothing special, just casual), as well as some photography on the beach.

Coat - Topshop | Jeans - Topshop | Boots - New Look | Jumper - TKMaxx (from Bravesoul)

Hope you've had a lovely bank holiday weekend, and if you have exams coming up... Good luck!

What have you been up to recently? 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Boots Natural Collection Body Sprays | A Cheaper Alternative

If you've been searching for a cheap and cheerful body spray, or an alternative to the £12 Hollister mists - then you've come to the right place. If not, then this post may just inspire you to try something new out! 

I've always thought carrying around a body spray was a great alternative to carrying around you most loved and expensive perfume. Just for on the go, when you want a quick splash of fresh fragrance. Obviously body sprays aren't less concentrated and definitely don't last as long as a perfume, but you can purchase a lot more product for an incredibly cheaper price. Yes, some body sprays *cough* Hollister's *cough* are expensive, but I've been questioning recently if they're really worth the price (£12 per 250ml bottle, or 3 for £24). 

Every time I walk past the Hollister store I can't help but smell their 'signature' scent - musky, but sweet and 'girly' too. Therefore a while ago I decided to purchase one of their body sprays, and opted for the scent 'crescent bay', one of their most popular scents and I can understand why. The pink liquid in contained within a clear plastic tall bottle, which is labelled with their pretty packaging. As mentioned before the bottle holds 250ml of product, and it really seems to last forever. But I knew I could find a product that was just as good, for a much more reasonable price. Which successfully, I have.  

I wouldn't say Boot's natural collection body sprays meet all the standards of Hollister's, but for me they do just fine. The Boot's sprays come at a price of £2 - but I happened to catch a 3 for 2 deal, and got 3 for £4. Whilst the Boot's sprays are significantly cheaper, I obviously wasn't expecting the quality to be as good as a £12 spray. So yes, the amount of product only came to 150ml and the packaging is pretty basic and not so luxurious. Other than that, the collection still contains at least 3 scents I really love (I chose mango & papaya, apple & lime and vanilla). Out of the three I wear the apple an lime the most, and the vanilla the least. As I can find the vanilla a bit too sweet at times, but it varies meaning having 3 to chose from is perfect really. 

As much as I wanted to repurchase Hollister's sprays again, and take advantage of their 3 for £24 deal. I knew buying 3 boots sprays for £4 would save me £20 - and £20 at my age adds a lot to my purse. I'm just glad I opted for this alternative, as these body sprays do have less product, but actually work out fitting in my handbag better too. Meaning no regrets here, even though I'd love to try the rest of Hollister's range. But I did manage to get my hands on some of Hollister's body care for only £3 in the sale, so click here to see a full review of their hand and body cream. 

Hope you've had a lovely Easter and holiday off - the perfect time for hobbies like blogging, that's if you don't have exams... And sadly I do. Therefore I apologise for not posting for quite some time, as well as having limited time I feel uninspired. However once exams are over I will make a conscious effort, and remind myself how fun it is to share all my beauty and fashion thoughts with you all!

Have you tried any of Boots' natural collection body sprays?